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Promises & Patchwork

On this beautiful journey we call life, it is impossible to side-step all the messy parts. We all embark on a sometimes crazy adventure. I love how David in the Psalms refer to nature to express our different emotional experiences with God. Hills and valleys and green pastures and predestined paths of restoration… Sometimes we hop, skip and jump on the green tender grass and other times we obliviously walk into a burning bush ( yes, I know the story … Read More

Looking for Grace and Truth

So, I couldn’t help but make a little detour through the new ‘Cotton On’ discount shop the other day. I have called myself a gold digger at times because I genuinely look for potential in everything…I see what it or they can become…usually with a little bit or a lot of TLC (re: lots of tender, loving care..) At times this has cost me dearly with expensive renovating outcomes and also with people when my rose-colored love-lenses just ignored the … Read More

Her Servant Heart

This is for the Proverbs women, because you are worth far more than rubies. She carries eternity in her starry eyes because she is well-loved by her Father and she only does what she sees Him doing. She has come to know the only language to pay attention to is the pure sound of love and patience. Sometimes she does experience pain because it is God himself who has softened her heart and created her nurturing nature. She can rise … Read More