My Story

Hi, I’m Nancy and I’m an artist in love with all things creative, fresh and inspiring. I’m a Christian woman learning to honor my God given essence from the inside out!


We were created perfectly for our purpose and it is an innate quality which reflects our greatest joy given to us as a free gift.


In order for us to feel real joy we have to connect to the vulnerable parts of our hearts. We can only create genuine connection when we are not afraid to be seen.


We all have a divine footprint to serve humanity from the core of who we are, how exciting! It is a great joy of mine to rekindle the beauty of other women and to experience the freedom of authenticity in myself and my fellow sisters as we agree to grow together.


I stitch words and pictures together in a colorful quilt of everyday moments and reflections. I look for the sacred in the ordinary and the creative heart of My Maker who constantly makes “all things new” and reframes it in hope and grace.


I live to create, from writing to painting and sculpture to recycling, renovating and dressing up in my most favorite feathers…to decorating my nest! It flows from my heart and always reminds me…this is where God lives. I believe art is just a metaphor for nature. It calms, it heals and it inspires.


I’m a wife and a mum of three and a South-African immigrant now living in Adelaide, South-Australia. I love God, my family, friends, nature, music, reading, good food, real connection, tea, cheese and trees!

Nancy Viljoen

Thank you for stepping into my world for a moment. May you connect with the beauty in yourself as I encourage you with my personal motto…

sweetArt express your heart,
and use your story, for His glory